Conference: Artificial Intelligence and Music

The German Music Council held the conference "Artificial Intelligence and Music - Help or Competition?" during the public part of its General Assembly at the Catholic Academy in Berlin on October 20, 2023.

The use of AI brings risks, but also advantages that are already being applied in many cases. Both need to be carefully examined and explored. Unanswered questions require urgent clarification and - at least in certain points - also rapid regulation. Together with its member associations and guests, the German Music Council would like to develop a position on the topic of "Artificial Intelligence and Music". In view of rapidly progressing technical developments as well as the political and social debates, we want to actively contribute to the continuing discussions on this important topic.

The conference offered a platform for future perspectives on cultural and economic policy as well as copyright issues. What is the current state of artificial intelligence in music and the music industry? How are the musical landscape and listening habits changing? How are professional fields being transformed, and which new ones are emerging? What opportunities are there to reach larger or different audiences? What might project ideas look like in concrete terms with a view to hybrid sound worlds, participation, and immersion?

In a wide range of thematic modules, experts offered exciting ideas and practical examples from their own experience in this rapidly developing field. 

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Portraitfoto Prof. Christian Höppner, Generalsekretär Deutscher Musikrat e.V.

Can AI create art? Artificial intelligence has long since begun to shape many areas of life, including musical life. With its almost inexhaustible development potential, AI is already permeating many as-pects of our daily existence. It opens up completely new possibilities for artistic activity – while also raising many questions: Does AI mean the end of the creative individual, or does the use of AI cre-ate the opportunity for everyone to become an artist? Can AI set creative processes in motion? And if so, does the concept of authorship need to be redefined? How does AI create new job pro-files and how does its curation of artistic offerings influence the responses of listeners and view-ers? People are at the center of artistic processes. The German Music Council sees itself as a driv-ing force in the effort to engage AI as a companion in a humane society of the future.


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