Yearbook 2024

The German Music Council Yearbook 2024 will accompany you through the year 2024 with its integrated calendar of events and will be published to coincide with the celebratory concert on October 19, 2023 at the Philharmonie Berlin. 2024 is the year of the European Football Championship and the three ensembles of the German Music Council - Federal Jazz Orchestra, Federal Youth Orchestra and Federal Youth Choir - will perform live as a joint ensemble in the Elbphilharmonie at the invitation of UEFA and with the support of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth at the globally broadcast final draw on December 2, 2023 at 6 pm.
The year 2024 also includes tours by the three ensembles, the German Music Competition, the national Jugend jazzt competition in Dortmund and the national Jugend musiziert competition in Lübeck. In addition, some magazine texts are dedicated to current topics relating to music.
The yearbook can be downloaded or read online (in German only). 

Jubilee Publication "Listening - Loving - Feeling: 70 Years of the German Music Council"

On June 13, 2023, the German Music Council will celebrate its 70th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the commemorative publication "Listening - Feeling - Loving: 70 Years of the German Music Council" will be published. The 152-page publication traces the development of what is now the largest na-tional umbrella organization for music culture worldwide and provides insights into the fundamental music policy and socio-political tasks to which the German Music Council has dedicated itself. The commemorative publication is available here as an online version and here for download.

Yearbook 2023

In 2023, the German Music Council celebrates seven anniversaries: 70 years of the German Music Council, 60 years of Jugend musiziert, 40 years of the German Choir Competition, 35 years of the German Jazz Orchestra, 25 years of the German Music Information Center, 20 years of the Workshop for Contemporary Music, and 20 years of the German Music Council gGmbH in Bonn. On more than 100 pages, the Yearbook 2023 provides information about the diverse activities, projects, and funding programs of the German Music Council. A 20-page calendar lists approximately 150 events supported by the German Music Council in 2023. The Yearbook 2023 is available for download here and can be requested as a print copy via projektgesellschaft(at) Read the yearbook online.

Organ Music During the Corona Pandemic

17 compositions dealing with experiences and adventures during the pandemic years were written for the project "Organ Music During the Corona Pandemic", which was organized in 2021 and 2022 by the German Music Council together with the Catholic and Protestant churches of Germany and with support from the BKM. The works were published in an anthology by Carus-Verlag and per-formed nationwide as part of the project. More information about the project is available at  

Musical Life in Germany

This book is aimed at a broad audience: professionals looking for key figures on the music industry will find what they are looking for, as will those interested in an overview of the concert hall land-scape or the situation of amateur musicians. In 22 specialist articles with numerous statistics, maps, and illustrations, the miz describes current developments in central areas of musical life.

Music Instruction in Elementary Schools – Current Situation and Perspectives

On March 11, 2020, the German Music Council, the Conference of State Music Councils, and the Bertelsmann Foundation published the jointly initiated study "Music Education in Elementary Schools - Current Situation and Perspectives." For the first time, deficits in music education can not only be vaguely named, but precisely presented on a valid research basis. In this way, the public discussion about this important topic can be intensified.


With infographics, the German Music Information Center (miz) shows structural aspects of musical life. Topographical maps with location data and other information as well as various other visualiza-tions help to understand and evaluate a wide range of topics.


Musical life in measurable terms: The statistics of the German Music Information Center bundle figures and provide detailed insights into individual subject areas. As a central documentation facili-ty, the miz brings together available data from various sources. With more than 100 tables and graphs, it thus enables research and analysis on earned income, attendance figures at music events, music lessons, and much more.

"Ice Age? Study on Musical Life Before and During the Corona Pandemic"

On April 29, 2021, the German Music Council (DMR) published the comprehensive study "Ice Age? Study on Musical Life Before and During the Corona Pandemic." Among other things, the study examined how the first and second shutdowns affected the income of musicians, how pandemic financial aid was perceived and evaluated, and what medium- and long-term effects of the Corona period can be expected.

Edition Contemporary Music

With the Edition Zeitgenössische Musik CDs, the German Music Council regularly showcases young composers. The current production contains works by Yiran Zhao.

Book: "Music Opens Worlds"

Music can build bridges in conflict situations and thus open up wordless dialogue, but it can also stir up aggression, incite violence, and create dangerous stereotypes of the enemy. The book "Musik öffnet Welten" (Music Opens Worlds), edited by Prof. Christian Höppner, Secretary General of the German Music Council, and Ronald Grätz, Secretary General of the Institute for Foreign Cul-tural Relations (ifa), is devoted to this ambivalent potential of music. This sixth volume in the series "Perspectives on Foreign Cultural Policy" brings together essays by various authors on the topics of "Music in International Relations”, "Music as a Universal Language?", "Music without Borders", "Music in Conflicts", and "Music and Religion". The publication is also available in English.


I am ...

Musicians can sing or play in the ensembles of the German Music Council, the Federal Youth Orchestra, the Federal Jazz Orchestra and the Federal Youth Choir, and take part in competitions. With four other projects in the area of promotion, the German Music Council supports young, highly talented musicians, conductors, composers and interpreters of contemporary music as well as pop musicians on their way to a professional musical life and builds a bridge between musicians, organizers and the public. In addition, the German Music Information Center (miz) offers a central information point on all topics of musical life.



The German Music Council is the sponsor of the competitions for children and young people: Jugend musiziert and Jugend jazzt, the competitions for professional musicians: the German Music Competition, the German Conducting Award (formerly the German Conducting Prize) and the German Choral Conducting Award, as well as the competitions for amateur musicians: theGerman Choir Competition and the German Orchestra Competition.

The German Music Council (Deutscher Musikrat e. V.) is the mouthpiece and initiator of music policy issues for its members.

The numerous advantages of a membership in the German Music Council e.V. compiled for you.

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Promoting young musicians in the ensemblesof the German Music Council also includes performing on stage in front of an audience. The project leaders are happy to accept requests for engagements. The German Music Competition concert promotion program arranges approximately 200 concerts a year for concert organizers and concert series.

Music educators will find concepts and working materials for music lessons at the Podium Gegenwart's educational projects. Current developments in music policy and studies can be found in the "Music Education" section, as well as specialist articles on this topic at the German Music Information Center.

With the German Music Information Center, the German Music Council offers a central information point on all topics of musical life.