German Music Council

Music for everybody

The German Music Council and its partners campaign for Germany's vibrant existence as a land of music in all areas of life that are connected to music. The German Music Council`s goal is to enable every citizen, regardless of social or ethnic background, access to the world of music. The basis for this target is the conviction that Germany is developing into a knowledge and creativity-based society, in which education and culture play a decisive role.

The German Music Council

The German Music Council represents the interests of about 15 million people who make music and it is the biggest umbrella organisation for music in the world. With its more than 100 member associations and institutions, countless personalities from the music world, projects and promotional measures, the German Music Council serves as an advisor and competence centre for politics and civil society. The German Music Council is funded by grants from the central government and the federal states, individual municipalities, foundations, private sponsors and patrons. The German Music Council is a member of the German Commission for UNESCO as well as of the European and International Music Council. The German Music Council is under the patronage of the Federal President.


The German Music Council promotes awareness of the value of creativity. It is committed to creating, maintaining and developing parameters for an active musical life according to the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity. Moreover, it offers incentives for musical life via ongoing promotional measures and temporary projects.

Core themes

The core themes of the German Music Council's music-related political activity are cultural diversity, the value of creativity, foreign music policy, music education, the promotion of the professional and amateur music scene, the music economy and the parameters regarding musical professions.

The German Music Council's projects promote young musical talent and are a medium for the music-related political messages. They also offer incentives for musical life in Germany. They promote professional musicians (German Music Competition, Concert Advancement of the German Music Competition, Forum Dirigieren, PopCamp) and amateur musicians (German Choir Competition and German Orchestra Competition), talented youth (Jugend musiziert and Jugend jazzt, National Youth Choir, National Youth Orchestra, National Jazz Orchestra), as well as contemporary music (Edition Zeitgenössische Musik, Podium Gegenwart) and they offer a platform for cross-linking information and documentation (German Music Information Centre).


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