Cultural Diversity

Shaping society with cultural diversity - we are committed to a rich and diverse world.

Protecting and Promoting the Diversity of Cultural Expression

Portraitfoto Prof. Christian Höppner, Generalsekretär Deutscher Musikrat e.V.

Cultural diversity plays a major role in shaping our coexistence and our appreciation of the intrinsic value of culture and the freedom of the arts.

Cultural diversity forms the foundation of Germany’s sense of identity as a cultural country and is thus of fundamental importance for the music policy and socio-political work of the German Music Council. With the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, a document has been available since 2005 that creates a binding basis under interna-tional law for the right of all countries to an independent cultural policy and has now been signed by more than 140 nations and communities of nations. The German Music Council is involved in the process of shaping this convention within the framework of its membership in the German UNESCO Commission. It is also committed to developing this convention, which is binding under international law, from its current status as a basis for appeal into a politically and legally resilient instrument for action.
With its three basic pillars, the UNESCO Convention covers the essential elements of our cultural life:

The protection and promotion of
•    cultural heritage,
•    contemporary forms of artistic expression (regardless of style and including the well-known youth cultures) and
•    the cultures of other countries in Germany.

Cultural Integration Initiative

The Cultural Integration Initiative addressed the question of what contribution culture can make to integration - to the integration of people newly arriving in Germany, but also of those already living here – and discussed current challenges to cultural integration and social cohesion. The German Music Council is also a participant in this exchange. The initiators developed a thesis paper entitled "Cohesion in Diversity," which is intended to show how cohesion in diversity can succeed. The thesis paper was presented to former German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel on behalf of the initiative by Prof. Christian Höppner, President of the German Cultural Council and Secretary General of the German Music Council.

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Position Papers

The 5th Berlin Appeal – 5th Berlin Appeal "Making Music – Taking a Stand Towards a Democratic, Pluralistic, and Culturally Diverse Society" – deliberately spans a broad range of topics as a call to action and list of demands, and is thus a point of reference for future DMR statements on current socio-political is-sues. The resolution "Protecting Jewish Life" is the first concrete expression of the core messages of this appeal.

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